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Solutions Smart BoardMaster

The Smart BoardMaster is equipped with a programmable PLC for adjustment of staple spacing including a quick change between two settings. The spacing can be set freely from 30mm upwards with increments of 5mm. A laser line on the work surface for optical staple guiding ensures accurate positioning of each and every staple fired. With the telescopic arm great operating comfort is achieved. The Smart BoardMaster can be operated with free control directly on the work surface, or alternatively it can be run over a fixed track for straight line fastening. It is available in different versions depending on the specific fastening job.

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is powered by a Fusion battery which lasts more than 16 working hours per charge. Additionally the Smart BoardMaster increases accuracy, speed, efficiency and quality and meets the requirements of DIN 1052 and DIN 1995.

The Smart BoardMaster is perfectly suitable for fastening of plasterboard, fibreboards and wooden board materials which are used extensively in the prefab construction market.